Checking Out “One Night” in New York

One of my goals during my last trip to the US was to test a travel app called “One Night“. I wanted to test it because its claim is so outrageously cool. That claim is to provide you with a quality New York hotel room at a discount on the same day you need it.

It works like this.. Each da,y starting at 3:00 pm., the app lists deals that are available at listed hotels for that night. In other words, you can just arrive, wait until 3 and then book a super room.  What’s not to like?

My first experiment came when I took the LIRR from East Hampton into Manhattan. I arrived at 2:30 — too early to book — and so I stopped at a cafe for some lunch. Good food was important, and more important was the wifi connection.

Sure enough, at 3 pm, the deals started appearing. Just by pushing a button, I was able to book a room at the Standard on the High Line at a very deep discount.

Image result for Standard on the High Line

After lunch, I waddled over to the Standard, checked in, and took a nap. How cool! BTW, I give very high marks to the Standard. Very nice room, great hospitality and a great restaurant.  And the Standard has an absolutely killer bar on the top floor.  They offered one more perk. Anticipating that at least some “One Night” app users are booking to do a one night stand, they gave me a complementary toiletry case, with two toothbrushes and other assorted items that might come in handy.

BTW, if you are wondering why a hotel might participate in One Night, consider that while the rate was discounted, the room might have sat empty that night. Moreover, I spent a ton on dinner and booze. And they can use this as yet another marketing channel. So I think it is a good deal for them.

I tried the app again when I came back to the city from a trip up north. Same deal. This time the Standard was booked, but at a somewhat higher price — still discounted — I was able to book a room at the NoMad at 28th and Broadway.

Image result for Nomad Hotel New York

Again, I would give high marks to the hotel. Great room, great service and bar. They also agreed to extend my stay for a day, though not at the same discounted rate.

So this was all very cool. And when I got home the other day, I got an email from One Night. Apparently, they were having a promotion when I used the app and will send me a Raden carry on suitcase as a gift. Sadly, they need a US address to offer free shipping.  Regardless, this is a seriously nice gift!

So I tip my hat to One Night. The app worked seamlessly, it offered serious value and made my stay over a lot more fun. Can’t wait for the carry on suitcase!

What more could you want?


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