Starting off the New Year with a Bang

For some reason, the return flight from New York to Helsinki was just horrendous. It was not the Airline’s fault. True, Finnair was 3 hours late getting out of JFK, and true they gave me a voucher that was only good at Mcdonalds and a few other places that I could not find nor wanted to. Despite that, they were felicitous if less than efficient.

My problems started when I decided to spend my unexpected 3 hour layover at JFK with Bobby Van.

Image result for Bobby Van JFK

What could go wrong? Allow me to explain. Too much food and wine just before a long flight. ´Funny that I did not think of that while I drained glass after glass of Sancere and bantered with the waiter who had become my best friend in the world. Sitting on the plane, I had the distinct impression that Godzilla was trying to escape my tummy via my bellybutton. And my lower back started to groan that I was the bastard child of a rabid whore dog. My head promptly fell off onto the floor and I could not reach down to pick it up. Worst of all, I forgot my lovely hat as we disembarked.

I liked that hat and will miss it. But the loss of the headpiece had more immediate effects. Stepping out of the departure gate to board the bus for the Tallinn plane, a razor cold gust of wind made what is left of my hair to fall out. I was back in Scandinavia! Hooray!

“Good thing”, I thought, “that I am going back to a warm home.” Errrr …. not so fast. My ex called while I sat in the airport to remind me that most of the radiators in the house were not working while I waited for delivery of a new bedroom unit. Ooops!

She was helpful to a point. In addition to rearranging my papers, she had cleared off all of the dishes and such from the wood fired stove in the kitchen and she relayed that her brother had been heating the place for a few days that way. “But” she said, “it may be a bit nippy when you arrive. He forgot to heat the place today. Stop at the gas station on the way home  and buy some wood.”

Yikes! And so it was. That night, back in Tartu, I burned wood, reflected on my trip, and began to feel a tiny bit better. Even my back started to loosen up a bit after I imbibed my usual turmeric concoction.

Then I found I had a comment waiting on this blog for review. Here it is

Hillary is Pinocchio and greedy and murderer and power hungry and egotistical…DUH…..When Bill was governor of Arkansas, Hillary asked when are the f…ng ree-tards (handicapped childrens) getting out of here……….Hillary asked Louise “How long do I have to keep this kid (her own daughter)…DUH……..People are too blind to see TRUTH about her……

The first three words were promising. But as I read further I felt myself sliding down into a whirlwind of angry nonsense. How do people get into such snits?

A thought began to trouble me. Is this what the new year has in store for us? Good Lord! Better stock up on the Bushmills!

And BTW, a hearty thank you to all of my dear friends who tolerated my blovations while I visited!


PS Usually things start looking better after a good night’s sleep After I woke up, I promptly lost my car keys.


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