Trump’s Rhetoric is Meant to Impress, Not Persuade

We are now in a new era. Folks who do not believe in the game of democracy the way it has been played are in power. These folks, led by Donald Trump, are playing a different game altogether. And they have a chance to make their game the new norm.

We cannot allow that. Here is why. This has all happened before. It happened in Germany when the Nazi’s came into power. I am not calling Trump a Nazi. But there is no doubt that Trump and his supporters are using the same rhetorical tactics.

This is not the first time that I have seen folks writing about this, and I do not think it will be the last. Here is the link.

My point — the trick works on us only if we allow it to work. And this is the key: Trump will be able to get whatever he wants if we begin to equate Trump with “great again”. That is all he has to do.

Keep telling yourself. America was great before Trump waddled onto the scene and is great without him. Trump has no plan or policies to make it any better. It is all smoke and mirrors. The only plan that he does have is to blame others for our challenges. Those folks are innocent.  We are the ones who control our own destiny.

Our challenge, in a nutshell.


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