What is Your Neural Capacity?

On the average, humans have around 100 billion neurons in their brains. Each is a  node for information exchange and knowledge retention. Pretty impressive.

So how many humans are on the planet? I think the answer is around 7 billion. Pretty big number. It leads to some interesting insights. A single person has more neurons than there are humans on the planet. Wow!

And how about this question? What percentage of the total human neural capacity (that would be 7 billion times 100 billion) is engaged in developing productive solutions to move mankind forward? I have no idea, but I strongly believe that it would be less than 1% If you doubt me, consider that even in the most advanced labor market in the world, only around 30& of the workers are intellectually engaged in what they do – the rest are just there for the paycheck.

And what if we could increase this percentage`? We might find that we can radically increase the chances of our species surviving and thriving for the next millenium. Can we do that? I think so.

Stay tuned!


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