Battling Donald Trump’s Blitzkrieg of Bullshit

It was said that US media does not have the language to explain the damage that Donald Trump is causing. to the political order.

Using traditional media tools to cover this, we quickly get overloaded and lose sight of the big picture. That big picture has two very nasty components

  • Laying – and lying is such a way that a significant number of voters no longer know the truth. Did the Russians hack the election? did Hiulary actually win the popular vote? Does Trump have conflicts of interest? And so on.
  • Debasing institutions –  The election was already debased – Trump won even though we have no clue what policies he will pursue. His transition is now being debased as his cabinet picks are a joke and he is not working through executive institutions.

If this continues, the US will be in trouble. Trouble because it will be difficult to re-build trust in the system after it is debauched.

BTW, consider this — the US is getting more isolated in the world as we go forward. At Morocco it was the US who prevented any binding provisions to combat climate change. We are alone  there. We are excluded from the Asian financial network that China is building. Trump the “wheller dealer” in foreign affairs is likely to further isolate us.

Today the electoral college meets. It is the last chance to avoid Trump getting into the White House. Let’s see what they do.


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