Beware the Trump Trap: Anger

One of the more interesting results that psychologists have offered is how certain emotional states make us either smarter or less so.

We get smarter when we feel grateful. This may sound weird, but it is so. Apparently gratefulness opens the mind.

And we get stupid when we get angry.  Worse still, anger tends to stick. When we get angry, we tend to stay angry for quite awhile. And even worse still, it is transferable. If you boss makes you angry in the morning, you may find that  your beloved pooch is annoying you in the evening. In short, anger is dangerous.

I mention this because anger is Donald Trump’s stock in trade. He  loves to make people angry and then use the anger for his own purposes. He loves to drag everyone down to his level where he gets away with stuff that the average person would not. Just think of all the outrageous things he has said and done  If any of these were isolated incidents, we would never forgive him. But because he keeps going lower, we forget the earlier stuff. And our anger level goes up.

Notice as well that when a top politician unleashes his anger the way Trump does, you see lots of folks doing the same. Even if they were not that angry before, they start feeling angry. They even bond with Trump in feeling anger. A bout what? At some point, it just doesn’t matter. They are converted to the ranks of the angry. The have drunk the kool aid

So resist! Don’t let yourself go nuts. Instead, think strategically how we can get rid of this dude as soon as possible. For that, I will be grateful.


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