Are you and Earthseeder?

Some will know what I mean. If you are not among them, you may want to read this

“(Novelist Octavia Butler) thought that the essential thinking of Christianity was not well-suited to the world that we were making, both in the moment of high capitalism but also in this apocalyptic moment that she saw coming next, and that something else would be required. And so the religion she invents is called Earthseed, which is essentially a kind of Darwinist religion, almost worshiping evolution and change and constant adaptation, and to orient oneself toward the universe with maximum flexibility. And so the story that we have in the two Parable books is essentially the story of the founding of this religion by a young black woman.”

And who was Octavia Butler? She was a sci-fi writer of the first order. Her vision was dark, which is why we don’t know much about her writings.

Image result for Octavia butler

But in this new era, where we have all been Trumped, this genre may flourish.


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