Siri Hustveldt on women and men

Siri Hustveldt is an accomplished writer and thinker- And she has some rather harsh words to say about current culture. More particularly, how women are viewed in modern culture.

You get a sense of this in her comments about the US election

“(Trump) was elected because his exploitation of the big lie technique worked, because misogyny is alive and well among women and men,” she says. “He was elected because, as a study at Yale demonstrated, when faced with an identical description of an ambitious politician, both men and women respond to a female candidate with feelings of ‘moral outrage’, but have no such feelings for a power seeking male candidate.” It goes back to what she has been saying about the science of perception, the kinds of expectations we have for men versus those for women. “If she’s emotional, then she’s like a woman. If she’s not emotional, then she’s cold and heartless,” she says of Clinton. “Whereas Trump actually has played the female role: the out of control, angry hysteric. And yet, he has been perceived as a robust, masculine figure by a large portion of the US public. The possibilities for a woman are infinitely more narrow.”

Sad to say, I think she is right. Hilary would have won if she were a man. She won anyway, but switching sexes (to let’s say Henry Clinton)  probably would have been enough to push her over the top in the swing states that turned the electoral vote Trump’s way.

And this is sad. Sad because we are now stuck with an overly ambitious boob for president because we didn’t want a pair of boobs in the oval office. Even if those boobs are connected to a person with a long and distinguished career of public service and with reasonable positions on the major issues. By way of contrast, we are still trying to figure out if the dude who won has any policy positions at all.How stupid is that? It did not take rocket science to see through Trump’s big lies. But lots of people failed to see through them. Why not? Because they wanted him to be ok. And why did they want him to be ok?

Again, I hate to say it, but I think it was at least in part because he was running against a female of the species.


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