Mitch McConnell Caught with Pants Down

Reader Alert_ I can’t help it. I would like to be calm and measured in discussing this incident. And I have tried. But I find it too outrageous to stay calm. And the tone of this post reflects that. Sorry if you find it to be “over the top”.


Mitch McConnell is acting like a true student of Roger Ailes.

You might recall that back in September, President Obama went to McConnell and other Congressional leaders to ask for bi-partisan support to counter Russian attempts to fix the presidential election. The matter seemed dire and clear – the CIA had concluded that the Russian government was interfering in the election to swing it to Donald Trump. Put more bluntly, the fix was in. Having heard the evidence behind closed doors — and as he has said many times to the president — McConnell’s response was “Up yours. The CIA is full of shit.”.  Worse still – Mitch said (again paraphrasing) if you go public with the report, I will say that you and the CIA are trying to swing the election to Hilary. And btw, who cares if that would damage the credibility of the presidencyor the CIA!

In other words, McConnell cared not a jot whether the American people knew about the CIA report and conclusions as they voted.  He did NOT say at the time that this needed further investigation. He didn’t say it behind closed doors. He didn’t say it to the president.  Who cares, as long as Trump wins and republicans can extend their grip on power in Washington.  And of course, McConnell’s wife might get a cabinet position.  Victory was at hand! Calls for investigations would have been inconvenient. And so there were none.

How quickly things have change!. The shit has hit the fan. The Russian interference story exploded in the press and there is bi-partisan congressional support for an investigation. At least one public figure has said that this is the political equivalent of 9/11.  Strong words. And the electoral college is demanding to see the CIA report.


Time for Mitch to switch positions! Instead of “up yours Obama,  The CIA is full of shit”, Mitch now says “I am gravely concerned, blah, blah, blah.  How could anyone not want this investigated!” Indeed. One cannot help but wonder why YOU Mitch McConnell did not want it investigated BEFORE the election. Why you.Mitch McConnell, put the kibosh on anything going public at all and so laid the foundation for American voters to be duped.

Sorry Mitch. You blew it this time. And you blew it big time. You had your chance to do the right thing and you chose to do the opposite. Nothing you can say now will change that.  We all know that if the shit had not hit the fan, you would have been just fine with the Russian candidate in the White House.

The farce is not over. I would bet that Mitch thinks he can get away with this. He thinks that it will all blow over and no one will remember come January. Perhaps that is what Roger is telling him. Just go with the flow for the time being while we figure out how to attack the credibility of the CIA.

Will it all blow over? Stay tuned.

Follow up – In his statement, Mitch makes an attempt to throw the blame — at least in part — on President Obama for trying to “reset” relations with Russia over the last eight years. The implication is that Mitch and his republican colleagues would have been much tougher and more alert to danger. Errr …. except I suppose, when it came to being tougher and more alert in September about the Russian government trying to swing the election to Mr. Trump. This also ignores that it was Obama who sought to do something about the Russian intervention and McConnell who said go take a hike. And need we bring up Mr. Trump’s  stated views on NATO and Russia which seem the opposite of “getting tougher”?   So much for the tough guy pose. It does seem like pure fantasy to me. And yet it flows out of Mitch’s mouth as if it were mother’s milk to a hungry babe.


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