Tina Brown and the Kardashian Camelot

Tina Brown is not stupid. She knows a lot about you and me. Things that we might be a bit squeamish about, but that are there none the less. She said this about the Trump election

… it’s fair to say that every time I saw Trump walk across the stage with the family, I thought: my God, they look like the Kardashian Camelot. Beautiful girls married to good-looking guys; the big patriarch with the private plane. I mean, it’s Dyyy-nasty. That is a show people want to watch. Do they want to watch a show with the Clintons earnestly discussing healthcare? No, they don’t. They want a show about making it.”

One must admit that Tina has a way with words. At the same time, we might note as well that Trump’s election is exactly the type of story that she loves – a soap opera where reality comes out looking like a cartoon.  Moreover, the majority of American voters did not want to watch Trump at all.

And as I said, she is not stupid. We are, after all, part of the hyped up generation. And Tina Brown is one of the great hyper uppers around.


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