The Donald Believes and the World Shudders!

The scandal over foreign intervention in the recent US election is becoming a lesson in belief and its limitations.

We left he story with the shocking revelation that the CIA tried to warn the president back in August that the Russian government was attempting to sway the election so that Trump would win. That the CIA did this is now known and  the mere fact of the CIA’s warning is disturbing to many. More disturbing still is what we now know about the reaction to the report. In September, top republicans refused to present a bi-partisan front to condemn what was happening. They brushed it off.

It boggles the mind that the republicans seem not have cared that the US electorate was not told about a grave threat to our democracy. It makes one wonder about their priorities , if not their loyalties. Their zeal to find out more and more and more about Hilary’s emails was not matched to any small degree by any interest whatsoever to protect the vote from being debauched altogether.

Now Donald Trump weighs in to the mess with his profound thinking on the matter. He says he simply does not believe that it happened. Since trump is not getting daily intelligence briefings (his own choice), nor has he seen the CIA background to its conclusions,  one has to wonder what he bases this belief on. What facts does he know that we do not? Or is his belief one of those “gut feelings” that George W. Bush famously relied upon?  Or perhaps he called Vlad on his cell phone?

In any event, why should anyone care at this stage what the Donald does not believe when his motives for not believing are so painfully obvious? At this moment, the facts would be more helpful. Don’t you think?


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