The Age of Hybrid Supercapacitors?

Some have argued that breakthrough innovations tend to occur at the “right moment”. For example, more than one physicist was developing what we call relativity theory. So if Einstein had not come out with it, someone else would have. Ditto for all of the great inventions from the light bulb to quantum mechanics.

Let’s hope that the time is right for a radical upgrade in battery technology. The performance of so many products would be improved with better batteries. From driving your EV 1,000 miles without a charge, to charging your smart phone in a few seconds once per week. Enhanced battery technology could change the way w live.

Ray Kerzwell reports that we may have a breakthrough with a new way to design supercapacitors. It is a supercapacitor hybrid, combining the benefits of supercapacitors (quick charging) and batteries (energy storage(.

Of course, others have been working on so-called hybrid supercapacitors.  That is a good sign, Perhaps the time is right. for this one.

I will be tracking this. Stay tuned!


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