Blockchain is Now Mainstream

You might not have noticed it, but major financial institutions, including the SEC are cozying up to blockchain technology.

Of course they are. The potential gains are obvious — increased security of transactions and lower costs. You might think of it as an improved engine design No matter how conservative they may be, sooner or later, the car companies will have to check it out, or risk falling behind the industry trend.

All well and good so far. But blockchain is not just for banks. It also can and probably will revolutionize how we think of exchanges in general. That would include money exchanges and exchanges of other things of value – like ideas. If I am right, blockchain may be one of those core technologies that accelerates the rate of exchanges of value. That means more and better exchanges.

And where does that take us? The rate and value added from exchanges directly correlates with the rate of innovation.

Hold onto your hat!.


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