Errr … Mitch McConnell Are Your a Russian Agent?

It turns out that US intelligence KNEW before the election that Russians were trying to swing the election to Donald Trump. Back in September, Obama — in his Obama way — went to congress with this to see if he could get bipartisan support for coming out with the news.

Mitch McConnell said NYET.

Let me say this again

Mitch McConnell said NYET.


So, while you were voting in the election a few months later, McConnell knew that the fix was in. And he didn’t want you to know.  He blocked your finding out.

Defend yourself McConnell. Explain to the American people why you thought they should not know about what was really going on. behind the scenes. Why you were determined to let the fix play out so that Donald Trump would win the election with Russian help.

Anything to say?


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