Are You a Zillionaire? Donald Trump Would Like to Talk to You

The group of people who are coming together around Donald Trump to run the executive branch of the US government with him is distinctly odd. None of them have any expertise in policy making or in government. They offer something altogether different.

What is it? Trump says

I want people that made a fortune

He sees having made a fortune as evidence of a great talent (like a top draft pick in sports). And what talent is he talking about? He claims that it is the talent to negotiate with the American people.  Here is the full quote

“I want people that made a fortune because now they’re negotiating with you. It’s not different than a great baseball payer or a great golfer,”

This would leave out Mr. Carson at HUD, who has no fortune and seems to have had little or no negotiating experience whatsoever in his life. But there is a more basic issue here …  errr …  is negotiating what the heads of executive departments actually do? Negotiate with the public? Perhaps I am wrong, but I was under the impression that their job is to implement what has already been negotiated and put into law. That is why they are called “administrators”.

And so begins the chaos that will be the Trump administration. My bet is that this lineup of “super negotiators” will get bored with their jobs very quickly and — presuming that the Trump administration lasts that long — we will see round 2 of cabinet officials.  And who will those folks be? Perhaps Trump will move into the realm of professional sports. Basketball coaches? Offensive tackles? Ice skaters? He might ask Kim Kardashian if s she has some spare time to be secretary of state. Why not? These folks all  have boatloads of cash and negotiating experience to boot!

I did not mention professional wrestlers. That might be round 3. Then the fun really begins. A congressional committee session interrupted by finger pointing, name calling, chair throwing and body slams? I can see Paul Ryan now saying “The whole thing was blown out of proportion by the media! It was really no big deal!”

Something to look forward to.


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