Starting from Copenhagen …

Copenhagen is a city that I do not know well, but would like to visit.

I would like to stay here (Hotel Nimb)

Image result for Copenhagen Nimb

And I would like to dine here (Kong Hans Kelder)

Image result for Kong Hans Kaelder

And check out stuff like this(Ravensborggade)

Image result for Ravnsborggade

then perhaps take the bridge to Sweden

Image result for Copenhagen bridge

and Malmo. there I might check out this

Tragos fountain in front of Malmö Opera

And stay near Malmo here (Ängavallen)

Image result for Ängavallen Malmo

I would then make my way to Gothenburg and then onto Grebbestad (for the oysters)

Image result for Grebbestad

and finally  the Koster Islands. for some sights

Image result for Koster Islands

By then, I would be pretty close to Oslo – For a cocktail on the rooftop bar (Etoile) at the Grand

Image result for Grand Hotel Oslo

Doable. Eminently doable.

FOLLOW the fun folks at “Our Way” tweeted that I should visit with them. I may just do that!


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