Can the Sixers finally get a Road Win v. Pelicans?

Liberty Ballers says “yes … maybe”.

More interesting are their comments about what has gone wrong withe Pelicans. Having Anthony Davis has not been enough to make that team work. And management overpaid for mediocre assets to move too quickly up the ladder.

New Orelans invested a lot of money in players that, frankly, aren’t quite good enough to move the needle. They unloaded a first for Omer Asik in 2014, only to figure out Davis should be playing more time at center. They spent lavishly on players like Tyreke Evans, dedicating excessive time and money to a player incapable of playing off-ball (with a checkered health history to boot). In this year’s NBA Draft, they selected Buddy Hield, the latest in a long history of moves putting the present ahead of the future without present returns to justify them.

In other words, be patient Sixer fans! Our time will come. And we are likely to do well in the draft, yet again.


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