Joining the Ben Simmons Countdown

We are now officially in the last formal month of the Ben Simmons “out of action” period. He will not play in December, but there is a good chance that he will be back in uniform some time in January – when in January, no one knows.

So while we are waiting, we might remind ourselves why the Sixers drafted him numero uno. Liberty Ballers does just that, and it got my mind working.

Simmons has the skills and body to take over a game – just as Joel Embiid can do. But while Embiid does this by taking the ball, Simmons will do it by sharing it. Rodriguez can do this now to a certain extent. Simmons will multiply that effect. And this is what we want to see this year – the chemistry between these two potential stars.

I am thinking, for example, of a Simmons/Embiid pick and roll. Embiid sets a ginormous pick, and Simmons is by in a flash. He can hit Embiid, go for in the drive himself or find the open shooter on the wing, depending on what the defense gives up — and they have to give up something. Here is the thing —  Simmons has the court vision to find what they give up and he has the quickness, height, and ball handling and passing skills to take advantage.In other words, high percentage success plays making and execution.

As I write that, I am reminded that the Sixers are currently dead last in the NBA in turnovers. With the ball in Simmons hands, that should change dramatically.

That is what I want to see this season and I can’t wait!


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