London: Polishing the Turd?

Pardon me, if my use of an undignified word in the title offends. But I got it from the Guardian. There you find a rather impassioned article about the “Illuminated river” proposal.  the article starts off this way

Early next month the mayor of London will announce the winner of the competition to find the designers of the Illuminated River, a £20m project to create a permanent “world-class lighting scheme” over 17 bridges in central London. The Kinks’ “dirty old river”, TS Eliot’s “sweet Thames”, the waterway rhapsodised by Wordsworth and given a Venetian sparkle by Canaletto, old Father Thames himself will, depending on the choice of winner, be arrayed with patterns like a Hawaiian shirt, or disco hues of orange and purple, or lights that switch on and off in response to its tidal pulse, as if he were wearing the world’s biggest Fitbit.

Amusing. The article then sets forth the various opinions about the project and the river. Each has its points of interest. .

One aspect jumps out at me. Not very long ago, the river was mainly a commercial venue. The idea of applying colored lights to posh it up would have seemed absurd. Like putting lipstick on a barnyard occupant. My, things have changed.

Image result for London Illuminated River project

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