Catalan Spoken in Sardinia?

I did not know much about Sardinia before I heard about Mr. Berlusconci’s predilection for so called “bunga bunga” parties on the island.

So it is Italian, right?

Well, it is primarily Italian, but the city of Alghero has a more Cataln past.

The first Catalans reached Sardinia in the 14th century, when troops sailed from the eastern coast of what is now Spain as part of an expansion into the Mediterranean.

After an uprising slaughtered the forces garrisoned in this northern port on the island, King Peter IV expelled many of the locals. In their place, he populated Alghero mostly with convicts, prostitutes and other undesirables, many of them Catalans.

Today, Alghero is a linguistic anomaly. This walled and picturesque city is, quite literally, the last bastion of Catalan in Italy.

Here is a view of the city

Image result for Alghero Sardinia

A view by night

Image result for Alghero Sardinia

And a street scene

Image result for Alghero Sardinia

Very cool! I must visit.



9 thoughts on “Catalan Spoken in Sardinia?”

  1. The Catalans have a rich history in the Mediterranean Sea and had a powerful Kingdom that toke many territories around. They always been merchants and they had almost no interest or influence in America, a Castillian venture. Their natural environment was the Mediterranean.
    Their almogàvers troops were almost invincible and they are lots of tales in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria or Turkey even nowadays about their cruelty.
    Catalan language was and is closer to the Occitan (like any other native Language in France but French almost annihilated ) or Italian than Spanish or Portuguese….

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