London: The TX5 is Coming

If anything can be iconic, London’s black taxi’s certainly are. The current model is called the TX4 and it looks like this

If you want to learn more about the TX4, Wikipedia has more than you need to know. The one detail that comes to mind for me is the large amount of headroom in the back seat. I once heard that this goes back to a tradition or perhaps a rule, that there must be sufficient head room for a gentleman to sit without removing his top hat.

Well, the TX4 is getting a bit long in the tooth. The London Taxi Company (LTC) will introduce a new model, the TX5 in 2017. It looks much the same, though it will have significant upgrades i

It is bigger than the TX4 and will accommodate six passengers. It has rear-hinged rear doors (“suicide doors”) for easy access; it comes with WiFi and with a panoramic glass roof to admire the rainy British skies.

Ever upward, as they say!

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