Experiential Luxury: Locafy and Digital Nomads

A while back, I got excited about a start up idea. The idea was to connect travelers to local people. I had in mind creating a data base of people at every given destination who had unique knowledge or skills and who ware ready to share experiences with you.

This is pretty much what Lokafy is trying to do. Here is a message from the founder

I created Lokafy to make it easy for travellers to meet locals who are passionate about their city and want to share their knowledge and experience. I also created Lokafy for locals to be able to get to know the world through the people who come to visit their city; a chance to travel the world without leaving home. And finally, I created Lokafy to transform the way people travel; to make it as much about the people we meet, as it is the places we see.

So how is Locafy doing? They have been around for 3 years and have rolled out services in 3 cities, Toronto, Paris and New York.  That is a start, but not really enough yet for them to get “on the radar screen”. We are talking “niche” here.

I wonder how this might scale a bit better. It might be that the service needs more local curation. A local who “sets up” the potential connections might jump start things and be around to insure quality experiences.

That could be a pretty fun gig for digital nomads.

Any thoughts?


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