Minimum Viability Does not Mean Crappy

This is a quick follow up to my last post about “making stuff”.

When we start out making stuff, we find out pretty quickly that we are not very good at it. We do not have enough experience. I found that out, for example, when I took my first drawing class in university.

As Sir Ken Robinson points out — that is totally ok. It is to be expected. The magic comes if you learn how to improve.¬† You do that by focusing while doing on what needs improvement.

Warren Buffet can help you figure out what that is if you are making something for a client . It is to “delight them”. Not please them. Not satisfy them. But delight them. To do that, you need to take a step back from the process and ask yourself, what would be delightful here?

And to get there, you might ask yourself, what delights you?

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