New York: Even the Four Seasons Must Change

This is not a huge surprise. The owner of the space where The Four Seasons operates made it known some time ago that he wanted something different. Different? Well, not that different, just upgraded.

And now the new operators have been identified. A brash group who already have found considerable success in the Manhattan restaurant scene. NYT gives the story considerable play

Those men — the chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi and their business partner, Jeff Zalaznick, all in their 30s — say they have signed a contract with Aby J. Rosen, who owns the Seagram Building, where the Four Seasons has been a fixture since 1959. On Thursday morning, the four met in a conference room at the Lever House, which is also owned by Mr. Rosen’s company, RFR Holding, to talk about their plans.

This will be tri8cky. There have to be new touches that prove the move was needed. But those new touches cannot actually change very much or the regulars might stop coming. We will find out how this shakes out next year.

2 thoughts on “New York: Even the Four Seasons Must Change”

  1. Can’t some great places just stay the way they are? The Four Seasons is the most sumptuous elegant restaurant in NYC, with excellent service and food…with or without that miserable Picasso.

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