London: Theater in Islington and more!

London is a city of distinct neighborhoods and tourists often miss many of them. They may shoot up to Hampstead to prowl around the Heath (nice!) and of course they will be tempted to peek into the British Museum in Bloomsbury. But they do not generally wander over to Islington.

That is understandable, as you need to make a slight effort effort to get there, and what awaits you? Well, one thing is the Almeida theatare.   At the above link, our intrepid reviewer tell su

The Almeida Theatre in Islington is often on our itinerary; even when the play is irritating (as it was this time), it’s at least interesting and always well performed.

Of course,  he also is fond of Fera at Claridges.  From their webpage, one finds that the ingredients at Fera are

Harvested in their prime (and) are combined with sensitivity, wit and ingenuity,

I like that – combined with wit.

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