New York: Industrial Chic at the Americano

Clean lines can be fun. Or at least Mies thought so.

And of course he is right. One does not need an enormous amount of embellishment to make something look special – or “designed”. This is not just deco, a style that used less decoration to produce more effect.

When we think of Mies and those who followed him to today’s industrial chic designers, we are talking about no decorative elements. The beauty of the materials is all you want.  And so there was some squabbling whether tenants in Mies’s Seagams Building could interfere with the lines of the windows


Which brings me to the Americano, a hotel in New York. It is industrial chic – but claims this is part of “Latin warmth”.

Not the new kid on the block, but still one of our reigning favorites, Hôtel Americano, designed by award-winning Mexican architect Enrique Norten, stands out among its quaint Chelsea neighbors.  Sitting alongside some of the world’s premier art galleries and New York’s famed High Line Park, Hôtel Americano is Grupo Habita’s first property in the US and part of an expanding collection that includes twelve celebrated hotels throughout Mexico.

What do you think?



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