Tokaj, Re-Invented

My visits to Budapest have always held surprises. But the most pleasant one was sharing an amazing bottle of tokaj with a friend. The surprise? I have sampled a lot of different wines in my years, but the flavor in the tokaj was unique. Something I would travel for.

But there is an issue with Hungarian tokaj, and it has to do with communism. Some aspects of the old communist regimes were inexplicable, and this was one. They changed the focus of tokaj production from quality (where it was unmatched) to quantity. Plonk over the sublime.

So the news that tokaj is getting major new investment to upgrade production in the region is a pleasant surprise. I may need to return to Budapest soon.  BTW,  from Tartu, I would fly into Vienna and then travel over to Bratislava, spending a day or two there.

Then onto Budapest.


But how? This question determines the answer

Do you want to enjoy your journey?

If yes, then travel by boat. Not the fast boat, but the slow one.


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